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in     by Administrator 06/23/2017

An AC unit blowing hot air is a major concern for any Phoenix resident. Warm temperatures are felt in Phoenix throughout the year, and even a few short minutes without the cool air blowing from your AC unit can seem like an eternity. When the summer heat is in full-force in Phoenix, temperatures quickly soar to temperatures of 105 F and sometimes even hotter. There is little doubt you need a professional AC repair man as soon as your AC begins blowing air that isn't cool, crisp, and fresh.

A Common Phoenix AC Problem

Your air conditioning unit works hard to keep you cool when the Phoenix heat is beating down at full force, but the unit's efforts cause added strain and wear and tear on the parts and components inside. It takes only one of these items to malfunction, come lose, etc. to affect the workability of the system. Hot air coming from the air conditioner is a common problem experienced in homes throughout Phoenix, but one that any professional repairman can resolve quickly after you make that initial call.

Causes of Hot AC Air

Sometimes, obvious issues affect the AC unit to blow warm all. Something as simple as adjusting the temperature or settings of the unit could be all that your unit needs to work properly again. Though we say it is obvious, this issue happens to people frequently. Accidently changing temperatures or settings to 'fan' on the thermostat is easier done than you might realize, so start with the small, simple stuff before working your way up to the actual problems.

Additional, more serious issues that can cause your unit to blow hot air:

- Dirty air filters force air back inside the unit, slow the expulsion rate of the air, and otherwise cause the AC system to work twice as hard to cool the home. In a short while, this simple issue becomes a major concern. Change the filters on your AC unit no less than once every three months to avoid this worry altogether.

- Air duct problems may cause AC unit is to blow warm air. Such an issue needs the service of a professional Phoenix AC repair professional to first diagnose the actual issue compromising the unit, and the resolve the problem.

- When there isn't enough refrigerant in the air conditioner, a leak usually causes the problem. Without proper levels of refrigerant, the unit cannot draw heat from the evaporator coil to produce cool air.

If your AC unit is blowing hot air, the culprits listed above are just a few of the many that could cause your system to malfunction. These problems, and many others, are easily resolved with a call to the professional AC repair company like ours at 602-244-9900