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in     by Administrator 06/15/2017

Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a licensed heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician in Phoenix? Several possible routes exist to obtain an AC REPAIR license and certification. All of them provide experience troubleshooting problems in air conditioning units and making repairs. As heating and cooling technology has developed, this field has expanded to keep pace with new emerging technologies.

While homeowners frequently detect problems developing with an air conditioning unit, a well-trained repair expert possesses experience solving problems with a variety of different makes and models. An individual with training in the field of AC REPAIR repair can usually diagnose a heating or cooling system issue much faster than untrained repairers.

Training Programs in Arizona

Students residing in Arizona can learn about AC REPAIR repair at any of nine colleges which offer specialized training programs lasting from six months to two years in duration. Most programs require applicants to have reached the age of at least 18 and to possess a GED or a high school diploma. Students take classes in fundamental heating and air conditioning system topics, and, depending on the school, may also choose to take very specialized courses to earn certificates in AC REPAIR and refrigeration or refrigeration maintenance. 

Alternatively, young people sometimes enroll in a full apprenticeship program and train on the job for three to five years. Most apprenticeships offer training classes in addition to practical "hand on" job experience.

Working in The AC REPAIR Field

Both AC REPAIR technicians and apprentices must obtain at least four years of experience in order to apply for a journeyman contractor's license (a credential required to complete any AC REPAIR assignment valued at over a designated amount). An applicant must successfully pass two examinations in order to obtain the license. 

One exam covers five areas of the AC REPAIR trade, and the other relates to 12 business management topics. Some vocational training programs in Arizona offer curriculum intended to assist students preparing to undertake the journeyman examinations. Students also have the option of studying for the examinations on their own. When you obtain AC REPAIR services in Phoenix, you can feel confident your technicians have studied heating and cooling systems in depth!