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in     by Administrator 07/07/2017

Despite three-digit temperatures throughout the summer in Arizona, most residents find the costs of keeping their home most excruciating. The summer heat takes its toll on the residents, but also on A/C units that are working overtime to provide cooling comfort throughout your home. Incorporate the following tips into your summer plans, and you'll stay cool without the shocking energy bills.

Turn on the Fan

If there's a ceiling fan in your home, turn it on! A ceiling fan circulates the air throughout the home, keeping each room comfortable throughout the day and night. This simple step can keep the rooms six to seven degrees cooler than without the ceiling fan!

Turn the A/C Up

Do not set your air conditioning unit to the coldest temperature. Instead, turn it to a temperature that is comfortable. You're looking for that 'just-right' feel when implementing economic factors into the operation of your A/C unit.

Maintain the Unit

Maintenance service from a local, trusted A/C company is key to a properly working unit. Once or twice per year schedule this preventative maintenance check to ensure proper operation of your unit throughout the summer months. The low-cost service prevents many expensive repair costs and headaches in the near future.

Household Changes

Keep the blinds closed during the day to prevent the sun from heating up the home. If curtains are used on the windows, keep them closed as well. Avoid usage of the stove when temperatures soar their hottest. Apply the same rule to the dishwasher and the clothes dryer.

Open Up

When weather permits, open the windows and screen doors! Letting in some fresh air does the body good, and it also keeps the cooling costs down. You'll appreciate the fresh air just as much as the extra money in your pocket.

If you think your AC unit needs a check up, tune up, or isn't running right and you are in the Phoenix, AZ metro area call our AC techs today for help!