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in     by Administrator 12/04/2018

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should last a long time, but if the unit is not maintained well or breaks down a lot, you might want to consider replacing the system.

With the rapid advancement in technology, older HVAC systems are not as efficient, and when the system starts to break down, the older parts may be harder to find. Moreover, a new system can save you money and headaches over the long term.

HVAC Is 10 Years Old or More

Age alone might not be a reason to replace the HVAC system, but it is a good reason to start thinking about replacement. HVAC systems do not have a defined shelf life, but the age of the unit can lower the value of your home's resale value if you ever want to sell. Also, after ten to fifteen years, the unit may start to have components fail.

The best way to determine if your HVAC unit has aged to the point of failure is to have an HVAC tech look the system over. They can tell you quickly if you have parts that could be a problem down the road.

HVAC Doesn't Cool or Heat Properly

As the HVAC unit in your home gets older, it can become inefficient. The HVAC unit may struggle with warming the house in the winter or cooling the house in the summer, and turning the unit up may help but is not a good solution. When the performance of the unit starts to decrease, it may be hard to fix.

The decision then becomes how much money to spend on repairs versus the cost of a new HVAC system for your home. If the cost of repairs will be nearly as much as a replacement, you might not have to think too long about what to do.

HVAC Still Uses R22 Refrigerant

R22 refrigerant, or Freon, is currently still in use in older HVAC and air conditioning units. The federal government has banned R22 for new systems, and as a result, Freon is harder to get. If your system still uses R22 and is in need frequent repairs that involve adding Freon, eventually your tech will no longer be able to charge the system because they can't get the R22.

R410A has replaced the older refrigerant but is not compatible with older systems. This change in regulations might be the best reason to change the HVAC unit now. If you are not sure that you need to, talk with your tech about your options. The tech will have a good idea what changes are coming and how to best approach your specific situation. 

HVAC Has Increasing Number of Breakdowns

An HVAC unit that breaks down regularly will cost you a lot more in repairs than just replacing the unit. If the HVAC company spends a lot of time working on your system, you may want to ask them to give you a quote for an upgrade. If they can clean and reuse the existing ductwork and put the new unit where the old unit was, you may even be able to use the same electrical connections. 

At Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc., we can help you upgrade your system or keep your current system up to date throughout the Tempe, AZ, area. Our techs are available for routine calls or emergencies. We are also always happy to answer your questions and concerns about your HVAC system.

Stop by or call us today for a quote or an appointment. We do not charge for evenings or weekends, and we are available seven days a week.