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in     by Administrator 06/30/2017

Do you know how having indoor or outdoor pets can affect your air conditioning system--and your power bill?

Do you know how your system works to help make indoor spaces safer and healthier for you?

These five tips can help keep your pets and dogs safe and trained and cool and your air conditioning at peak performance between planned maintenance service calls this summer in your Phoenix, Arizona, home or pet-friendly business. 

1. The Pet Train

Bowowser or Meowser bring all kinds of dust, debris and allergens inside from the yard unless your dog is well trained by a professional dog trainer. Together with shedded fur and dander, it clogs your filters, making your air conditioning work harder to get air through to cool. Change filters regularly to help your system cool and clean the air smoothly.

2. Your Biggest Fans

Even with plenty of shade outdoors, all day is too long to leave our pooches on the porches. Use fans to help cool the air so you can set the thermostat higher. This saves on your power bill and minimizes wear on the unit.

3. Too High and Dry

Air conditioning does dry out the air inside and with it, our skin and nasal passages too. Use a cool mist humidifier to re-moisturize the air without affecting temperature. Keep doors and windows closed when using air conditioning and cool-mist humidifiers to keep the space comfortable.

4. Pet Poisons

Monitor your vehicles for any antifreeze leaks from overheating that may puddle on your garage floor. Keep garden fertilizers and plant food out of reach of naive, trusting tongues lapping up sweet-tasting delights that can harm them. Even if your garage is a cooled space, keep an eye out for these deadly dangers to precious pets.

5. Planned Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Arizona Refrigeration Service's planned maintenance package is a comprehensive, 14 Point Inspection of your air conditioning system to detect problems early and keep it functioning at optimum capacity. Avoid costly, surprise repairs and replacing units permaturely. Our highly trained and experienced air conditioning professionals proudly serve more than 14 Arizona cities from Avondale to Tempe, keeping homes and pet-friendly businesses comfortably cool and safe all summer.

Keep everyone cool this summer. Give us a call now to schedule your next inspection. Enjoy member discounts on labor, parts and duct cleaning when you join our planned maintenance agreement customers in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Avondale.