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in     by Administrator 05/16/2017

Arizonans usually expect hot outdoor weather throughout most of the year. In this area during the summer, a well functioning air conditioning system becomes more than a household amenity- it represents an absolute necessity. Just consider some of the reasons why Phoenix residents must take steps to ensure they enjoy indoor AC during the hottest months:

Blazing Hot Outdoor Temperatures

Last year, many parts of the state experienced record high temperatures. For instance, during June, 2016 the National Weather Service recorded temperatures of 115 degrees Fahrenheit in Tucson and 118 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix

The record for the hottest reported day in Arizona actually occurred on June 29, 1994, when a thermometer in Lake Havasu City reached a searing 128 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in Arizona, you really need to prepare for triple digit hot temperatures by June.

Physical Hazards From Overheating

Unfortunately, blistering hot weather sometimes takes a toll on people physically. Almost every year, tragic deaths occur because outdoor enthusiasts grow overheated while exercising. Although our state offers some truly spectacular scenery, everyone must remain cognizant of the hazards of hot weather. The heat can produce lethal effects under some circumstances. 

Even though healthy active adults also sometimes experience health problems as a result of becoming overheated outside during the summer, the Mayo Clinic cautions certain groups remain at especially high risk from overheating. These groups include: 

  • Seniors age 65 and older;
  • Children younger than 4;
  • People with chronic illnesses;
  • People taking certain medications;
  • Visitors unaccustomed to hot weather.

Use Air Conditioning to Keep Cool

Health experts have noted air conditioning performs a vital role in helping most people remain cool during heat waves. The AC helps lower humidity and high temperatures. It has become an essential source of refreshing chilled air for people living in a region with high temperatures during the summer!

To schedule AC inspections, tune ups or repairs, simply call your local Phoenix AC Repair Experts at 602-244-9900. We'll help you keep refreshingly cool and comfortable this summer!